UK PayPal Phone Verification

United Kingdom PayPal requires phone verification because of the new European Law.

Why should I care?
If you’ve been using US PayPal for a while, you know that phone access for US Paypal is compulsory, especially when logging in, requesting for API access, upgrading your accounts or changing account password.
UK PayPal is heading to that direction where phone verification is compulsory.
Don’t believe me? Here’s a proof

I just received a phone verification prompt when I am trying to log in to one of my UK accounts. When this happens, the account is a goner, you should know this well already.

Get your phone ready with access, so you won’t get locked out of your UK account. Remember, you have to verify your phone before this happens, if this happens and you don’t have your phone access, it is useless and almost impossible to fix.

Contact us if you get locked out, we can try our best to help you out. No guarantees though.

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