PayPal Unlimit Guide

Afraid of receiving this email?

Here is DreamweaverVCC’s complete PayPal Unlimit Guide, by submitting the documents they wanted, of course.

PayPal usually will request these documents from you when you are limited:

  • Upload a Photo ID

99% of the time, they will ask for this. To complete this section, just submit your government-issued identity documents, they have to have your picture on it, else it doesn’t count. Such as Passports, Driving License, State Issued ID / etc

Some samples:

  • Provide proof of your address:

To complete this section, just submit proof of where you stay or a legit document that tells PayPal where you stay, the document has to match your name and address filed on your PayPal account.

Such as Utility Bill, Bank Statements, Credit Card Statements, Proof of rent agreement, other government-issued documents/ etc

Some Samples:


And other types of documents that PayPal might request from you depending on your limitation reason.

  • Confirm a Card

This should be pretty simple to complete. Usually, they issue 4 digit code to your card and you tell them the 4 digit code to prove that you own the card. If you can’t do 4 digit code, they will ask for the specific card statement.

  • Confirm a Bank

Pretty similar to confirm a card one, Usually they will do instant login verification or they will issue 2 expuse code to your bank to confirm you own your bank. If you can’t do confirm your bank, they will ask for the specific bank statement.



  • Upload a Bank Statement

Upload your bank statement, they could ask for the specific bank or any bank statement will work, read what they ask for in detail.

This is the copy that asks for the specific bank and account number

Samples of bank statement:



  • Provide a Credit Card Statement

Quite similar to bank statement. They could ask for the specific card or any card statement will work, read what they ask for in detail.

Card statement and bank statement are almost the same thing, submitting a bank statement can work for card and card will work for bank statement as well.

Some samples:


  • Provide information on account activity

This usually will be PayPal questioning you about some specific transactions on your account.

Be thorough, tell them everything, don’t hide anything. For example, if the transaction is for a website designing service, tell them it is a website design service, show them your work and URL if possible. Do not just write: “This is a payment for my service”.

Make sure what you tell them matches your other information as well.

  • Provide your business information

Provide them with your business address, confirm your business category.

  • Provide proof of fulfilment

Proof that you delivered your product.

For physical products, a tracking number would work the best. If not a shipment receipt would work as well.

For digital product, show them proof that customer received your digital goods and they are happy with it. Provide as much information as possible.

  • Provide purchase receipt from your supplier

Purchase receipt from your supplier. Submit receipt.

Samples are shown below


  • Resolve issue on another account

As the title says, almost impossible to fix. PayPal doesn’t allow you to have multiple personal accounts.

  • Check your Primary Email for instructions regarding Additional Required Documentation

As title says, they can ask for anything in the email

Business information, your suppliers, ask you to stop selling something, proof of product, SSN, Passport. Literally anything.

  • Explain how your business works

Explain, in detail.

  • Submit a copy of your passport

Passport Copy


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