PayPal launched a new Virtual Card ( PayPal Key – PayPal Virtual Card ) which enables customers to spend their PayPal account balance through their virtual card. This increases PayPal coverage because this allows their customers to spend almost everywhere even when the merchant does not accept PayPal.

Currently, PayPal key ( PayPal Key – PayPal ) Virtual Card is available only to United States customers only.

To get your PayPal Key,

click on get your PayPal Key when you see this PayPal Key box appear in your PayPal home page.

Then you will be brought to this page where PayPal asks you to link a backup payment method, link a new payment method or select a payment method as a backup payment method so PayPal can charge your backup payment method even when you don’t have enough balance in your PayPal account.


Annndddd, you are done! Spend your PayPal balance through your new PayPal Virtual Mastercard.


According to PayPal, you are able to link your card to

  • Venmo (You cannot send money via your PayPal Key in Venmo but you can receive money)
  • Google Pay

According to PayPal, you can also use your PayPal Key to

  • Shop online at any merchant that accepts Mastercard, worldwide
  • Make purchases over the phone, by sending the merchant your virtual card number, expiration date and security code/ CVV / CVC ( They are secure, you can change your virtual card’s security code )
  • Earn points, through your backup payment method


More screenshots


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