Old Paypal Interface


  1. Login to your PP account, click get verified

2) Key in your card details, it is a Virtual Credit Card, it will work with any address. So, dont change the name / address.

3) Click continue to charge your card. 4 Digit code will be issued.


4) You will be redirect to page like this



5) Now, click the Paypal logo, back to your main account page, click confirm my debit or credit card.


6) You will be redirected to this, now you need the 4 digit code to confirm your card.7


7) Head to www.dreamweavervcc.com/statements for your 4 digit code, key in your full card number, without space !


8) Your code will be shown like this, for an example on the image below, ( PP*9667CPDE ) You are going to key in 9667 in that box, and click confirm card.10


9) Congrats ! Now your Paypal account is verified, Thanks for shopping at www.dreamweavervcc.com !