New Paypal Interface

1. Login to your PP account, click get attach a card


2. Click connect card


3. You will be redirected to a page like this, key in your card details


4. After you added the card, you will see something like this


5. Go back to the main page, click this


6. Click on card and click confirm card ( It is Input your credit card here, But it should be confirm card )


7. You will see something like this, click ok


8. after you click ok, click on the card again which have ( Ready to be confirmed ) word


9.  You will be redirected to this page, which asks you to key in 4 digit expuse code


10. Head over to to get your 4 digit code, just key in your card number ( without any spaces ) and you will be redirected to this page. Your 4 digit code should be PP*—-CODE, if you can’t find them it is around the highlighted area. If you don’t see anything, you probably do something wrong, contact support for more help 🙂


11. Key in the 4 digit code. In my case it is 9773, and now you are verified. Congrats ! !
Thanks for purchasing at Dreamweavervcc.