Documents Verified PayPal account

PayPal accounts can be verified with a card or a bank to obtain verification status. After obtaining PayPal verified account status, your PayPal account will be stronger than ever, it will be harder to get limited compared to any unverified PayPal accounts.

But, there is another verification that adds insane strength to the account and makes the account almost limitation proof!

Meet Documents Verified PayPal Account!

By verifying your documents on PayPal, tells PayPal that you are the true owner of the account and reveals your identity to PayPal, makes you look way more trustable to PayPal.

This will make the chances of getting limited on your PayPal account plummets! Further strengthening your PayPal account.



DreamweaverVCC does have Documents verified PayPal for sale.

The one that works the best as of 1st May 2020 is Documents Verified United Kingdom PayPal. You can check the availability for this account here: ( Send us a message if you are having trouble finding one or the stocks are out, we might be able to get some from our stock ! )

with our Documents Verified PayPal, the documents that are used to verify the PayPal account which is verified and confirmed by PayPal will be provided.

So in case if your PayPal ever gets limited, you can easily un-limit with the documents that are included with your account purchase.

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