Most cost-efficient method to Cashout OneVanilla using PayPal

PayPal is now strict towards PayPal payment that is funded with OneVanilla, so they will limit PayPal account that received payment with OneVanilla as a funding method.

In this case, buying an expensive PayPal to receive OneVanilla transfers are a total waste. The way to go around this is to get our cheapest PayPal account. $30 ( UK / FR ) PayPal and receive transfers with it and dump the PayPal account once the PayPal is limited because when disputes come, PayPal will permanently limit that PayPal account. After receiving payment on the cheap account, wait for 3 days + then send the payment to a hub PayPal ( You can get a strong PayPal here), then to your main PayPal or directly to your main PayPal to cash out. This is how the transfer is going to look like.

Cashout OneVanilla using PayPal
OneVanilla PayPal cashout roadmap – DreamweaverVCC


Buying an aged account just to receive OneVanilla is a waste and there is a very high chance that the expensive Paypal you bought will get permanently limited.

Enjoy your money.

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